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Caltech is a world-renowned research university that develops cutting-edge technologies, addresses fundamental scientific questions, and pursues solutions to the world's greatest challenges. The Institute is defined by its people: faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars, alumni, and staff who collaborate across disciplines, launch new fields of study, and expand human knowledge.

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Student conducting research in a Caltech lab.

Caltech scientists investigate critical questions in science and engineering through high-risk, high-reward, collaborative, developmental research.

JPL staff applauding inside Mission Control.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), founded by Caltech rocket scientists and managed by the Institute for NASA, leads robotic missions to outer space to advance our knowledge of Earth, the solar system, and beyond.

WAVE graduate students Christian Dimayuga and Judah Bates doing research in the lab.

Caltech cultivates curiosity and provides its students with a strong scientific foundation through its core curriculum, its commitment to providing research opportunities for all students, and its access to the top faculty in their fields.

Laurie Leshin taking a selfie with Caltech's mascot and community members.

Caltech's students, faculty, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and alumni connect through a shared ethos of collaboration, inclusion, and a passion for science and discovery.

Caltech community members watching a demonstration of a robot in front of Beckman Auditorium.

Caltech's influence on science, engineering, technology, and society reaches far beyond its Pasadena campus.

The full undergraduate class of 2023 wearing graduation regalia at Commencement.

Caltech at a glance.

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